The Carnneeg

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 Destruction And Creation

Islamic terrorism was again in the news but this week pushed to the back pages by the miraculous energy revolution that promised to improve life in the free world and in part defund terrorism. “Free energy” was the ubiquitous headline in this 21st century, when Robert Bussard’s polywell fusion device finally came to fruition. A small team of developers, walking in the deceased genius’ footprints, created a device about the size and shape of a football, that could power a small town for centuries. It was Dr Bussard’s dream come true; unfortunately, after his untimely death. He had died of cancer years earlier, probably from environmental pollution. Everything had its price of course. We knew that for every advancement in technology the environment could change. But, small losses could hardly compare to the huge empowerment this new device offered mankind! The simplicity of the device made it a mass production hero. Copper power lines that had been ubiquitous in every developed country, vanished from the horizon in under a year. China mass produced a clone of this device and it quickly spread to the world.

In all the news media an age of prosperity was predicted and the long stretching world wide recession quickly came to an end. Everywhere fear and depression vanished as oil tankers were hauled into docs to be converted into cruise ships. Everyone seemed thrilled and thankful, except in the Middle East where oil, over night, seemed virtually valueless. Iran, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Syria and even Venezuela met to discuss their dilemma as power slipped through their fingers like sand in a desert storm.

There was a nuclear scientist in Pakistan however, Muhammad Al Zearbings, who could not conceive that Allah would take power from the grasp of his chosen Islamic people. Working feverishly with the help of A. Q. Khan’s once close associate, he had a plan. Zearbings could not imagine that this power source was designed to empower the debased followers of Christianity and Judaism. Zearbings was sure Allah planned their destruction, not empowerment. He was sure that somewhere within this powerful creation, was the end of opposition to Islam’s conquest of the Earth.

With mass production of the polywell device every home in the world soon had a fusion generator. Every car was powered by simply plugging its retrofitted engines into a garage wall outlet. In just 10 years, the Islamic iron grip on the worlds throat appeared to have changed to a handful of rust.

Super fast space ships were being launched to mine asteroids for precious metals and that took wealth from the Islamic controlled African nations. Everywhere the people of the west believed they were again basking in the light of the Creator’s blessings of prosperity.

It was early in 2025 that Zearbings awoke to a miraculous day that he was sure spoke of Allah’s secret plan for the spread of Sharia. In the city of Nilore, in Islamabad’s capital territory, at Pinstech research center, Zearbings had an accident. A flash of light, from the polywell device he was redesigning, burned a twenty foot wide hole through 40 feet of concrete and rock in just under one hundredth of a second. What was an absolutely safe fusion device, according to Bussard’s legendary company, became the basis of a thermonuclear device of unprecedented power. Sharing his discovery with a network of supposedly disbanded terrorist, was no problem for Zearbings. With funding from Iran, a mass production facility was speedily built in China and the “newly enhanced” devices were quickly sold world wide at incredibly low prices. Unknown to the world’s buyers a secret chip and trigger hidden in the electronics reported the devices location and allowed its detonation from any place in the world.

Janr Ssor and his co-pilot Q were just leaving Earth’s orbit in their experimental Silver S-600 mining saucer. Using the enhanced Bussard drive and new inertial dampening field they had reached the halfway point between Earth and the Moon in under 6 minutes after launch. It was then that the emergency screens flickered to life and a message from Janr’s wife, Anne, came on screen. Behind Anne stood the president of the United States as well as several military officials who Janr knew quite well. They stood in the oval office, all with very serious looks on their faces. Anne, whose flowing red hair filled center screen, spoke up as soon as the green connection light stopped blinking.

Anne Said, “Janr, I am speaking to you as head of the CIA. Ten minutes ago we received a transmission that overrode all the services of our telecommunications networks. In it a fanatical Muslim man, known as Muhammad Al Zearbings, spoke to the world all at once via satellite. He said that in 5 minutes he would begin to wipe the Earth clean of Judeo-Christian civilization once and for all. He was going to demonstrate his power by destroying London, New York and Los Angles. He then did so in seconds! Millions of Americans vanished in a blast of nuclear flame that left deep craters in the earth where great cities and many millions of people had just taken their last breath.

Al Zearbings has just stated that because the Islamic people are compassionate and just he will give us 30 minutes of prayer to ask forgiveness of Allah before he destroys the rest of us. We have now about 24 minutes. He says that unlike the total and instant annihilation he has just demonstrated, he will burn our cities slowly until the nuclear fire leaves the same pit in the Earth it has where New York had been. He will do this to cleanse even the soil from the evil we have created. The slow burning death is to cleanse our spirits through suffering, which Allah has decreed we must pass before we reach our final punishment.

We unfortunately believe he can do this! Your experimental ship has the first Bussard cannon as well as drive, which you were to test for mining purposes. In truth this cannon is also planned as a weapon for the maintenance of peace. We would like you to turn back and immediately attempt to use it to destroy what we believe is his headquarters. We have it on good information that his headquarters are located in the city of Nilore in Islamabad. Destroy the entire city, Janr!

It is our only hope! The cannon is set for a focused small burst as needed for mining but we are now transmitting the technical information showing you how to widen its beam to take out the entire city. We believe Al Zearbiing has done much the same with Buzzard fusion generators that he has planted all over the Earth. His are set for a 360 Degree pattern, we believe, that has destroyed millions of lives Just minutes ago.

As the director of the CIA and with the support of the President of the USA and our leading Generals assembled here, we authorize and command that you take this action immediately. You will see the security authorization on the telecom panel now illuminated. Janr, you are to stop your ship now and set your ship for the target we have just sent your computers. Q, you are to begin the technical modifications as Janr is navigating back to the Earth. The tools to adjust the cannons spread are in the locker # 10 where you will see a red mechanics tool box. Use the psion wrench and let the computer guide its settings with that we just transmitted to your robotics database. To do this you will have to crawl into the panel under your dashboard and open vent # EGG-L1 which is just in front of your seat. I am sure you recall its final installation and test adjustments on the firing range before launch last week.

We now have less than 20 minutes! I am praying that you will get to your target and be able to stop this mad man before we all die. We will stay in direct video communications as you begin this vital mission. Our prayers are with you. Now if you have no questions please hurry with all your might!

Janr had loaded the navigational changes into the system and was manually stopping our acceleration before Anne concluded her speech. The ship was now facing the Earth and beginning to accelerate. However the change in destination without pre-programmed settings caused the computer to be unable to engage the inertial dampening system and we could not accelerate as fast as we wished to without losing consciousness or being tossed against the wall and splattered there.

Q, now had the tool box and was trying to get under the dashboard but could not do so until I decreased acceleration. At this rate the computer was calculating we would not arrive at our destined target for 30 minutes! It was way beyond what we needed.

Janr asked Q to rush the fix and began to pre-program the target so as to be able to activate inertial dampening. This could work.

Anne addressed us from the monitor as we worked. Anne said, Janr, we understand the issue with inertial dampening. We agree the only way for you to attain your target is for Q to first adjust the target spread and for your to pre-program the target. Had we thought of the inertial dampening we would have sent it with the target data. Our computer is giving us a 90% chance that you will succeed in time if you do as you are doing and pre-program the target. Once completed it should require only 7 minutes to arrive at the attack coordinates. Proceed as you are doing and we will all survive!

Q’s eyes were stinging as perspiration dripped into them. He could feel his heart pounding. His mind was well focused on his task but images of the millions of people who had filled NY, his home, refused to totally recede from his mind.

Janr’s hand typed commands faster than they had ever before. His eye were riveted to the screens as each update came closer to a final flight plan. Other than their heartbeats and the hiss of the ventilation system there was nothing but silence as Q and Janr hurried to make the needed modifications. After 6 minutes of silence a loud clang came from beneath the dashboard as Q closed the maintenance door. Q ran to return the kit to the locker and sealed the door. Running back to Janr he looked up at the screen and began to scream. The oval office was filling with smoke and they were splashing pitchers of drinking water on each other! Anne’s hair appeared to be smoking!

Q shouted, “What is happening Anne! I thought we had 13 more minutes!

Anne coughed and in a horse rasping voice and managed to say, “It appears this bastard has started the heating process early. The temperature is rising insanely fast. Please! Please help us! “

Janr looked up to see Hell’s fires beginning to ignite the room his beloved Anne stood, despite the pounding in his chest and tears forming in his eyes he slammed the keyboard activation button. The ship ripped through the atmosphere and in just under 7 minutes was above Islamabad but the oval office had vanished from the screen and the sounds of screaming people dying in a fire Janr could only imagine pounded in his head with every beat of his heart.

It took another 2 minutes to aim and be ready to fire the cannon but something unexpected happened a second before Janr could hit the triggering button. The entire Earth seemed to burst into flame and the ship accelerated away from the Earth with such violence that they both lost consciousness.

The reign of Judeo-Christian history was truly over; however, Muhammad Al Zearbings had a surprise. The devices they had created, when triggered in multiples, created an unexpected sympathetic pattern like tuning forks vibrating in sympathy with each other. When they toasted to the second 9-11 they had just triggered, most of the world burst into nuclear flame, not just the Western World. It would take 30,000 years for civilization to regain its composure.

Which Story Would You Like To Read?


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