Fountain Leader

Which Story Would You Like To Read?

FOUNTAIN LEADER – In the dark as I wrestled with elusive sleep I slipped upon a floor of nothingness and began to fall. The elevator shaft of darkness seemed at first unending as I listened to the ghostly strains of Vanilla Fudge singing “You Keep Me Hangin’ On”?? As I fell my speed did not increase but finally I landed somewhat gently on a cushioned but firm floor in a room of total darkness. Near to me a disembodied voice shouted with intensity, “down!” With which I hastily complied as a bolt of lightening passed over my head to impact somewhere in the distance and echo in the silence of what now seemed like a huge cavern. An unseen hand held mine and pulled me along as we ran for shelter from what I did not know. My naked feet propelled me against a cool, yielding rubber like floor that reminded me of the gym I had exercised in when I was a kid. There was almost no sound in our rushing just the muffled slap of our feet upon this surface. It was total darkness that should have rendered me paralyzed; yet, my fear of running into the unseen was less terrorizing then the weapon that I knew had been aimed for my head. For reasons I cannot explain I did not even stop to think who was leading me and why.

Suddenly there was a thumping sound to my back right and my guide dove for the mats pulling me along as a second flash of lightening and thunder roared over our falling bodies.

We ran again knowing that our enemy could somehow see in the total darkness. Perhaps he had a night vision scope or something that sensed our now burning body heat. My guide reached out and shined an eerie blue L.E.D. ike light ahead of us and to the right. In the heart chilling darkness, where the light shone, I perceived what I thought was a framework, it might have been a door. The light seemed to make the door sag and melt into a rippling, dimly, flourescing, blue gelatinous mass. My invisible friend pulled me again and we sped towards what I hoped was a door. Full speed into this gelatinous substance we fell through the unopened mass and out another end as if being born from a wet womb into a dark new world.

There was now light though it was dim. I stood holding a strangers hand and gazing miles into the distance at an army of soldiers. There were men and women in futuristic glistening black garb holstering weapons I could only imagine. Some weapons were small and looked like tiny rocket launchers strapped to their arms. There were huge black tanks formed of sensuous curves with port holes barely hiding red flames hinting of some unseen but terrible inner power source.

There was an endless vista of soldiers and they were all looking at me! They were all looking towards us hopefully as the stranger released his grasp of my hand and let my noticeably heavy arm fall free. I looked now upon his face and saw a strong handsome man with a tight lipped smile and soft brown eyes which radiated trust and courage. I again looked out upon the army from our vantage on the dark mound of dirt upon which we stood and a cheer rose up that shook the very ground beneath us. The vibration made me flash back to the thrill I felt watching the shuttle launch in Florida years ago. The ball of fire igniting beneath the ship, the ground shaking, the people cheering for miles where they lined the shore of Florida’s east coast. Slowly, dimly a memory formed in my mind, my heart began to hammer in my chest. I looked down at my left arm to notice the shiny black plastic thermo-shielded Kevlar vest arm covering and the glint of the disruptor missile strapped to my forearm. Memories formed in my head as if they had been there before. It was the final battle. In the D-dimension good and evil would face each other uncloaked from the bodies they had worn in the physical world. My name was Janr Ssor and too my surprise, I would lead this army…..

More to come when the story gets written… If you like the beginning let me know and I will raise its priority in my plans!

Which Story Would You Like To Read?


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