Who Eats The Mice? – Thanatopsis!

Some things in nature are so mind blowing, that a picture of it says a thousand words.  When I was little, I read the gristly poem Thanatopsis.

It made many children more aware of the end of life than was needed as it was forced reading in school.  Did it comfort us as some claim?  I think it was unlikely!  Yet, it did focus on the end of “physical” being in a way few have and so it was novel and creative.   This morning I also noticed such an event but I will not wax poetic, let me allow technology to do it for me.

Can you tell what it is?  If not here are some words to help.  The carcass is a small shriveled up mouse and the diners are large powerful brightly colored beetles of some kind.  They are so strong that they lift and turn the much bigger carcass as they proceed to dine on it.



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