2012 Best Gluten Free Bread – Purity Gluten Free Bread

As a holistic doctor,  I recommend a Paleo like diet, and here is why:  Humans have lived in a primitive conditions, where they ate a Paleo diet,  for at least nearly 4 million years.  Four million years ago is believed to be when the first cavemen  appeared.   It is therefore very likely we evolved to eat basic whole foods such as meat, fish, chicken and vegetables.  Grains were not common as it took civilization to cultivate and grow enough grains to create bread and other grain products.   So why am I promoting a bread?  Well, I did say “Paleo Like” diet.   Having some grains in your diet, especially whole grains, low carb ones,  in small quantities, is probably tolerable for many people.  If you believe this and would like to have some bread in your diet,  this may be the best choice.  I love to have a hamburger now and then as part of  my diet and good healthier breads like the one below make it possible.  I use only grass fed beef and  pickles that are fermented, not vinegar pickles.  So lets talk about a bread that is good tasting and make by people who really care about quality and your health,  the Julian bakery.   I give them 5 Stars for ethics and quality!

Need a low carb,  gluten free,  dairy free,  yeast free,  sugar free bread?   How about one that tastes good, and has rave reviews?  Well here is a source for one and take the time to read the ingredients because it is some of the best you will find anywhere!

Check out these great ingredients!  Purity Bread is made with the highest quality ingredients on the market today that include freshly ground raw buckwheat, millet, freshly ground flax seed for maximum nutrition and short grain brown rice from the central delta of Ethiopia, combined with white and brown Teff to provide high fiber protein and good quality carbohydrates. It also has 13 sprouted, ground beans for even more protein, lentils, garbonzo beans, onion, sea salt and guar gum.


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