Ron Paul Is In The Fight!

Ron Paul wins big in Maine and Nevada

Ron Paul’s presidential strategy is working – at least it did in Maine and Nevada this weekend, where he won the most number of delegates at state party conventions….  see the whole story here on –>  the Christian Science Monitor

Ron Paul is an amazing and interesting figure in America’s history.  He is a man dedicated to his convictions and principles.  His unfettered candid platform helps re-invigorate the American dream of freedom of choice in politics and the ideal of what a democracy should offer.  Unfettered by the chains of great financial commitment and unencumbered by debt to corporate,  America Ron Paul may truly be what America’s youth are clamoring for.  He is also  what the baby boomer generation should vote for,  if they were not still greedily guarding their imaginary  retirement funds, more than their children’s future opportunities.    It may be a little last minute,  but across the nation people are realizing that a change in government, that could save America from the disastrous path it is on, can only come from a man like Ron Paul.   Ron Paul cares about the future of our children than the moments false reassurance  that big brother will take care of you via big government’s Obama Care.   Romney wears the stamp of whatever will sell for a TV face.  I cannot tell him from anyone else selling snake oil.



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