People Power!

About 20 years ago I created a BBS (Something Like a mini AOL) that ran from my house to the world via 4 phone lines, like me, many others thought this new media would change the world.

I called it “People Power BBS”  because I believed what Ross Perot said,  that Modem Democracy would change the world. … it may be that it just took a little longer and happened in another way.
It seemed that technology would be the driving force for change in our world’s future.  All over the world,  nerdy people like me, where linking communities to

communities in the miracle of overnight email.  We called it FidoNet.  Hundreds of users were dialing into my BBS day and night to reach out and talk with others all across the world.  We then created US Political Network (US Pol-Net) to get people talking about the real issues of running our country.  As it turns out it was very much too early in the history of technological adoption to do what we dreamed of.   Even more importantly it may just be that it is not the technology but the concepts of non-violent protest that the technology enhances that really makes the change.

Srđa Popović was one of the founders and key organizers with the Serbian student nonviolent resistance group Otpor! Their nonviolent campaign to unseat Serbian president Slobodan Milošević met with success in October 2000, when hundreds of thousands of protestors converged upon and took over the Serbian Parliament, effectively ending Milošević’s rule. Srđa says that 2011 is already “A Very Bad Year For Very Bad Guys” and it is worth understanding how people power, or the real power behind the on-going dramatic events in the Arab Spring and beyond actually works. This can help us predict events and scenarios not only in the on-going Arab struggles, but also in places like Burma and Belarus.
Watch this short video and see what it inspires in your dreams.

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