President Obama’s First Day

In one universe or another, this is exactly what happened on Obama’s first day in the Oval Office.

“Mr. President, welcome to your first security briefing”, said Secret Service Director, Mark Sullivan.  “Assembled here in your oval office are your 24 S.S. top level contacts.  Each contact will be in touch with you as needed, to discuss the security of your friends and family.  Now that you are president, all your close friends and family are targets for kidnapping, assassination, torture, ransom, etc.  Your S.S. not only protects you and your family but guards all these important people.  Tom Lenov, for example, is assigned to your immediate family and close relatives.  Tom will be guarding your daughters Sasha, Malia and of course your wife, Michelle.  Each top level contact will have up to 24 people in his security focus.  This will help free you from concerns about family that could otherwise distract you from your sworn duties.  Over the next two hour, each agent will review with you the scope of their focus and be sure it is in agreement with your needs.  At the end, I will then return to you for a private 15 minute briefing and that will be your S.S. update for today.”

Two hours later, all the agents leave and again the Director,  Mark Sullivan arrives.  The doors are closed and there is only the president and director Sullivan.  “Mr. President, at this point you should have the scope of our security plans, if there is anyone neglected that you feel needs our attention please let me know at any time.”  “No, Mark, I have no one in mind at this time your work has been admirable.”  “Excellent, Mr. President,  then I wish to explain a few more details that are for your ears only.   Your biggest supporters are not just your supporters during your election campaign but they are here for you throughout your term of office, as they mentioned to you during funding meetings.  It is their largess that allows my people to perform the level of security that you desire. It is true that taxes pay for the allotted funding but that leaves you with what we call basic security.  The largess of your friends in Banking,  Wall Street and many others, who you have agreed to support,  will provide the level of care that you will appreciate as meeting your needs.  All presidents are privy to this private briefing on their first day in office.  No one else in government service will be aware of any of our private discussion.  The financial powers that have helped elect you, will provide a second, shall we say ‘shadow’ level of security that is beyond anything we could offer and is a long established tradition dating back to just after President Eisenhower’s term ended.

Tomorrow morning, you will have a 15 minute meeting with representative of the Banking Community who are funding the security of your wife and children.  I know they will look forward to your full support!  I will now leave you as I am sure you have much to think about.  Congratulations, Mr. President.”


Of course this is Sci-Fi and cannot possibly explain why Mr. Obama has failed to achieve so many of his promised goals.  As a scientist,  researcher and writer I look upon events and try to explain them.   Newton looked at a falling apple and tried to explain it.  Perhaps his explanation is better than mine.

Janr Ssor


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