Presidential Candidates? God Help Us!


3 comments on “Presidential Candidates? God Help Us!

  1. I am not a Gingrich supporter but am compelled to point out the video has some glaring inaccuracies concerning Gingrich. 300k fine – wrong. Voted out in disgrace – wrong. 84 ethics violations – wrong. Gingrich has plenty of positions/occurances that can be discussed or scolded but we should remain factual lest we become like THEM. Most of the Romney stuff is comprised of quotes by Romney – I didn’t check the timelines for accuracy but based on the inaccurate Gingrich diatribe; I would not accept the Romney evaluation.

    • KaziBoku you are not quoting the video accurately and your are wrong:

      After an extensive investigation and negotiation by the bipartisan House Ethics Committee, Gingrich was reprimanded and fined $300,000 by an overwhelming 395-28 House vote, with both Republicans and Democrats speaking in favor of those sanctions. It was the first time in the history of the House that a Speaker was disciplined for an ethics violation

      The video did not say he was “voted out in disgrace” it said, “driven out of the speakership in disgrace.” Which is true!


      From January 2012 news reprorts available all over the internet: “Gingrich noted that he was “attacked” with 84 allegations of ethics violations by House Democrats after he helped usher in the first Republican take-over of the lower chamber in 40 years…. he does deny many of these but so what?

      Responding to my essay with false information, is useless as most readers will do the research to see through this.

  2. Sorry for the unacceptable response.
    This is where I reviewed some of the info, which is why I questioned some of the facts. I didn’t know this stuff was all false information and will surely be more careful about using these resources in the future.

    1.Anderson, Curt “Ethics Committee Drops Last of 84 Charges Against Gingrich” Associated Press Washington Post Sunday, October 11, 1998; Page A13
    2.In the Matter Representative Newt Gingrich House Report 105-1
    4.Pine, Art & Miller, Alan “IRS Clears Gingrich But Blurs Fundraising Line” Los Angeles Times February 27, 1999;

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