Aspirin and risk of brain bleeding – Health news – NHS Choices

Aspirin:  I have always thought that the aspirin a day craze is very dangerous!

I say this because in Digital Retina Imaging,  we have seen bleeding in they eyes of
patients taking aspirin (patients who are otherwise healthy)  which means there is likely also bleeding in the brain.  To me this means that you are losing your mental capacity little by little by taking aspirin. We have asked many physicians to consider taking their patients off aspirin when we see this and the patient does not have serious heart diseases.

A recent study quoted in the NY Times showed that the risks of regular aspirin use outweighed the benefits for patients who have not had significant heart disease!  The study ends with a weak “disclaimer”  by telling  you to talk to your doctor … so the NY Times won’t get sued.

In an article published in the UK,  they document research showing bleeding the the brain from aspirin.  This means the aspirin users are having little mini strokes

by taking this wonderful drug.

In our practice we have seen that aspirin use also increases your risk of going blind form macular degeneration and cataracts.

What are you made of?  And what should you put in your body regularly?  If you buy into the aspirin paradigm,  then perhaps this is how you see yourself.

Janr Ssor

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