Rice Is Not So Nice – MicroRna!

What If We Could See Inside Your Body?  Well we can so let talk about it…and how much rice you eat!

In “Fantastic Voyage” a submarine like vehicle was shrunk to molecular size and injected into a patients circulatory system.  It was on a surgical mission.  In my office,  Holistic Eye Care,  we can see inside your circulatory system with totally non-invasive technology, Digital Retina Imaging.  I wrote the software for it 7 years ago.  Dr Desai and I use it every day.  An amazing outcome of over 70,000 Digital Retina Images is that we found that diets high in carbohydrates appeared to cause hardening of the arteries.  How did we find this?   Easy,  you can look at tiny blood vessel crossing in the digital images of your retina (basically a super high resolution full color photo*) and see evidence of arterial hardening.  For example:  If the artery crossing over the vein causes the vein beneath to zig-zag from its path and appear pinched,  you have diagnosed Stage II arteriosclerosis.

We have noted over and over that when patients have hardening of the arteries,  they almost always consume a high carbohydrate diet.  It is especially fascinating to see couples from Southern India, where they eat rice at 3 meals day.  In fact one meal is often only rice.  In these married couples we often see both with arterial damage!  Of course they are married and not genetically related.

The new kid on the block is a finding by Chinese researcher  Chen-Yu Zhang.  He found that rice microRna,  MIR168a, is absorbed into your blood stream and then affects how your body handles LDA, low density cholesterol (which is believed to cause arterial hardening). Basically he found that this microRna keeps the LDA in your blood stream much longer potentially giving it time to cause arterial wall damage.   This helps explain why high carbohydrate diets can and do damage your heart and blood vessels.

The amazing thing about Chen-Yu’s research is it is showing that we are NOT separate from what we eat!  THINK ABOUT THIS!   If you feed gas to your car it does not change the engine.  However when you consume food,  don’t ever think of it as the engine burning fuel.  The food becomes part of your body and as such changes how your body behaves.

The next time you eat “cheap” food  or  “fast food” made of junk from abused miserable chickens or animals raised in shackles such as “veal”  consider what you may doing to your body and your mind.

There is a lot to contemplate here.  There are consequences to all our actions that are deeper than we imagine.  We have to stop seeing our bodies as separate from the rest of our world we are one in ways we have never yet imagined.   For now, the small take away you can be sure of is, cut your carbohydrates and live longer and better quality of life.

Janr Ssor

*Digital Imaging is hundreds of times more informative then Optos – which sadly was endorsed by Dr Oz (who as a cardiologist should know better)  who lost his reputation with me forever,  for endorsing Optos. 

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