Should We Sell America To China? Yahoo!

Is the selling of America’s Yahoo! to China a moot point because they own so much of our debt?

I have reasons to believe, on the gut level,  that ownership in America must

be controlled for national security reasons and even more so for the freedom of information that flows through our media!

Yahoo had share of Alibaba but now Alibaba wants to buy back its shares and purchase a controlling interest in Yahoo.  Yahoo is not just a search engine it is a technological device that determines what goes in front of
American eyes!  It has significant affect on what we think.  Just to give you an example of this,  consider this simple example.

Yesterday I went on line to order some filters for my whirlpool refrigerator’s water purifier.  I chose to buy the clone of the model that came from Whirlpool. This morning as I searched for information on Alibaba I found

what appeared to be a news media story about the purchase.  You will quickly see that it is written in poor English, revealing its likely  Chinese source.  Note carefully that the Ads in the top bar (that are being presented to me) are for the filters I bought a day ago!   They not only know about my purchase history but they are trying to influence my future behavior and this site does not even own the media!  How much more influence would they have if they do own the media!  Click on the image below to see it full size and read the Ads for the EXACT water filter I was searching for a day ago.

Though it is true that this the “art”  of selling through technology is everywhere on the Internet,  just think how influential a foreign government can become when they control not just the small ad bar but the whole media!

Some things should not be for sale to foreigners.  Among these items should be a list of all our news and communication media, military and space exploration hardware,  some of our software used for military and space exploration and I am sure the list can get much longer.

Janr Ssor,  Author


3 comments on “Should We Sell America To China? Yahoo!

  1. We already use russian rocket engines for heavy spacecraft and guess where we get our silicon chips made? Thanks for the insightful post.

    • True… we use the Russians for some of our lifts especially since we retired the excellent shuttle. Not that we don’t have heavy lifting Saturns and commercial space crafts that are almost ready to start doing the job. We do make chips here and buy them overseas too. As long as we do both it does not seem to big a concern. However it is quite different when you let the foreigners cover your news! We often have debates over which media is slanted this way or that in our Own Media. There would be no doubt which way if a foreign government or business owned our news. This is a Big Deal.

      • I wholeheartedly agree with your view of foreign coverage of our news, however, anyone can post whatever they want on the internet. It is up to us to make sure the true nature of things is exposed in the light as the misinformation can sometimes be overwhelming – regardless of source. I certainly agree with limiting the sale and control of American media companies.

        ( Also, just noticed a successful Delta 4 Heavy launch from Vandenberg made earlier this year – no soviet parts involved. This is a very good thing since we ran out of Titan IVBs and no longer produce Saturn engines).

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