The Carnneeg

The Carnneeg

Joohn Seer  was chief of research at The Nuuark Center For Knowledge.  It was his 10th solar cycle (SC) there and perhaps  the crowning achievement of his life. Joohn came from the tribe of  Biimind,  known for their heart shaped heads. The Biiminds all had nearly total recall and amazing skills with mathematics, communications and in fact all learned mental disciplines.

It was 7,650 SC, when a second major discovery of the Creators Laws were found in a crystal from the Ancients, that though badly damaged,  could mostly be read.  The Biimind, Balan Quuar,  its finder, said It spoke of the famous Daaeel Carnneegy, the prophet, who had in a prophetic dream  uncovered the creators secrets of “Livics,”  the rules of harmonious empowerment.  Here was more knowledge of Livics and its opponents the Sinntests.   It was in honor of Daaeel Carnneegy, that our civilization’s beings were named,  The Carnneeg.   Livics was the laws of how complex creatures interacted to utilize the powers of their creator to achieve goals for their civilizations.  It would allow for prosperity and progress in harmony, with the world of the Creator.

Other crystal documents were also found believed to be those of the Sinntests,  whom we viewed as the Anti-Creators.  They  taught that small secrets of the creator could be forced into our service by the black magic of  modifying chemicals and Terra structures to service beings. These black magic techniques did have great power but they were truly a deal with the dark forces as each that was used had a later price that our civliization would certainly pay. We knew the use of the Sinntest black magic had something to do with the destruction of the ancients.

The Carnneeg  Biiminds with their dual minds, had analyzed  these crystals and for the first time in history we were learning about how the ancients might have destroyed themselves.   They had created magical processes for manipulating our world and used these dark teachings for what they  believed was empowerment in defiance of the creators laws of harmony.  Thanks to the mental skills of the Biimind,  the story was just unfolding.

In contrast to the peaceful times of the Carnneeg, many thousands of years earlier, on a world that looked somewhat like that of the Carnneeg,  a civilization of beings that called themselves Homo Sapiens was about to have a final war.


…  One never knows where a book will start or end.   I have no idea about this one either.  The prologue may change and the story… I have no idea where it is going.  As I write it,  I read it for the first time.

On thing for sure,  it will get written.



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