The Carnneeg – A Scene I Enjoyed

Another excerpt from The Carnneeg… as I was re-reading my text to see where the story was going after a break in writing produced by the North Easter snow storm, I thought this is really a fun scene and I will share it! So here it is:


I closed my eyes and immediately felt my connection with Q expand to a level of clarity never experienced.  I was about to ask Q, what he felt when images from his mind answered my question.  We were sharing our thoughts, mostly as images,  with a clarity and fluency we had never achieved even in our earliest experiments.  There was evidently no need to speak. At the same time we both noticed that the tingling had vanished and all sensation of our body’s presence was also gone.  If I could clarify my feeling as I was struggling to do, I would say that I simply had no body.  It was not that my muscles were relaxed, as in meditation, it was that they were not there at all.

Then we began to see the pulsing of the crystals but not from any particular direction.  The pulsing lights from the  crystals were all around us. They pulsed from white, to orange, to red and finally to a burst of fiery red.  The pulsations seemed to form a pattern and I could discern structure in the pattern.  There were many geometric forms.  

At first the forms were simple and then complex. The complexity grew with enormous speed and then filled us with visions of beautiful landscapes on worlds of colors I had never seen.  There were mountains of  shimmering silver and seasof deep bass notes, much like that of a Tuba.  The air was made of the highest notes of violins but mixed with the sweet aroma’s of  flutes.  The bright sun above us spun with incredible speed, showering us with bursts of x-rays that pulsed through the soil of our homeland slowly teaching it to grow into intricate strands of molten vegetation.  

From above a cloud of blue scented rain began to fall and all the plants opened mouths so that they could drink deeply from this wonderful morning.

Then there were silver droplets falling in new patterns.  First one at a time then two, then three and so on.  Soon it was a torrent of ascending numbers which morphed into geometric shapes.  

I began to feel some apprehension as the shapes became 3 Dimensional and began to take on fractal like formations.  Q was somewhere near and I felt him say, “We are not losing our minds Janr, it is a form of communication.  It must be the Spheron attuning his mind to ours.  Stay calm.”


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