How Drug Companies Drug You — with toxic drugs you love to die for!

How Commercials sell you drugs!

Every week I find it amusing to listen to my patients tell me how they are baffled by people who are motivated to buy drugs after hearing all the dangerous side effects. I am a Holistic Eye Doctor so I am not surprised to hear this from my patients. They come to me for a safer method, if it is possible. I too have been puzzled as how you use TV to sell death and pain to people who will then pressure their physician to give it to them!

You know what I am talking about! You watch this commercial for “BoneKeepa” this new miracle drug that keeps you from getting Osteoporosis (at least they claim it will). In the commercial you see the fragile but smiling little old lady being told by her powerful looking physician, that just two pills a day of BoneKeepa and she will be just fine! When he smiles, she smiles and wow! Sounds great until you here the side effects: “Side effects may include: Jaw Bone collapse, thigh bone shattering into dust, sudden heart failure, stroke, sudden rash leading to swelling and death and at times, a desire to end your life.” Now these “routine” side effects should scare anyone so badly that they will NEVER consider the drug but they do still crave it and ask their doctor for it! WHY?

Here is the answer to how REAL drug pushers push drugs that addict and kill you; and keep in mind that it is the same thing the pharmaceutical companies have learned from the Mafia. Say whatever you want about danger but paint a beautiful picture in your customers center of FEELINGS! They will not hear a word about the dangers if you do this. Got a clue yet?

OKAY, here are the details if you are still in the dark. Watch your next drug commercial. While the UNSEEN narrator in the back ground is reciting all the dangers of this terrible toxic garbage that they are selling you, in the FRONT, and very seen by you, are pictures of this little old fragile lady dancing with a sexy man holding a rose in his teeth. Her friends are all cheering her on with big smiles on their faces! In the background we see a limousine and awaiting driver. The now not so old looking lady’s face is ecstatic as she dances with her soon to be lover. In the next scene she is playing volleyball with the grand kids and everyone has this huge joyous smile on their faces. In the last scene she is on a cruise ship and likewise everyone has this smile so big it fills the screen!

Guess what, no one really heard the dangers because we listen and motivate ourselves with images that reach our old unevolved brain, the Limbic system, and not ideas that reach our modern brain the neocortex as words.

The drug pushers and other addicts in the ghetto paint pictures of soaring joy that overcomes your depression, poverty and failure, with minimal risk. You picture this in your mind and the danger of addiction and disease are not really heard in your heart.

The pharmaceutical companies know how to push drugs and you will buy them even if they kill you!


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