Sci-Fantasy — Thanks for the Genre!

I am officially adopting the genre Sci-Fantasy for some of my publications.

A reader created this genre for my publication in a review on the Internet  and I really liked it.  I have said to friends that what is missing in Sci-Fi at times is a way to take the reader to a new world experience that is not based on the magic bullet of  “science makes anything possible.”  After all,  a lot of sci-fi is based on the premise that technology can take you anywhere and do anything (within believable bounds). 

I hold to the theory that Sci-Fi can create magical trips without as much dependency on technology. Certainly if you take too much science  out,   it is not SCIENCE fiction any longer.  It then becomes fantasy.   I can not speak for other writers but in my case,  my view of reality is and has always been a bit different from that of my friends and my world in the Western community.

In the last month,  I have been told repeatedly that I think outside the box.  Not just by those who read my writing but by those who visit my office as a patient.  One person went so far as to say I “live outside the box.”   I very much appreciate these comments as they are reflections of my reality and,  to me,  mean that someone has taken enough time from their day to take enough interest in me to get to know me.  Who would not be honored by this much attention!

In the photo at the right, you see the Earth surrounded by two wedding rings.  For me it is our world viewed from the marriage of Science and Fantasy,  SciFantasy.


One comment on “Sci-Fantasy — Thanks for the Genre!

  1. I very much like the concept of merging science fiction with science fantasy. I especially like the photo of the earth with the two wedding bands to marry the two concepts. Great job and creativity!!!!

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