Intro To Our Soon To Be Released Book – “Timeless Search”

 The vortex was forming and we were sure it was stable and under our control. The God like being,  Eterna, knew better! 

 I knew I could reach Eterna as we had found the membrane that separated our universe from their universe and we knew how Eterna communicated . Could a mere mortal explain to a God like being that our birth was theirs? Without us they would be as a child trapped in a womb all alone and blind to an enticing future? I had shared the tablets and concepts of God and ethics that they had no knowledge of. But, could such an alien mind understand? I had shown them the mystery of the two tablets of God’s law. Could they understand the blessing of brotherhood? If they could grasp that two cells had formed from one, that each was a universe of its own, all might be saved! Cain had slain Able and changed the course of history while ending the lives of billions of planned for future children. Jacob and Essau fought in the Womb of their creation and God had done the same with with the birth of our two universes! If Eterna could only see us as their brother, they would have an infinite journey of discovery and joy. Their eyes would be opened to countless universes and the true God’s next great experiment. Should we lose the battle, we could both die different deaths!  


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